8 Pet Names Inspired by The Tortured Poets Department

Looking for a pet name inspired by TTPD? We've got you!
General Atmosphere Of Spotify's Taylor Swift Pop-Up At The Grove For Her New Album "The Tortured
General Atmosphere Of Spotify's Taylor Swift Pop-Up At The Grove For Her New Album "The Tortured / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

If there's one thing permeating the air right now, it's The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift, and rightfully so. It's personally been on repeat for me so I can see why.

For those who really love the album and are about to become pet parents, you might be thinking of naming your new pet after this album. Thankfully, this double album release from Taylor Swift has plenty of names to choose from.

I don't know about you, but I love doing stuff like this because it's fun to give people some help and see if they can find that perfect name. Then again, sometimes you don't know what the pefect name will be until you see your new pet.

Either way, I wanted to share some names inspired by The Tortured Poets Department and these 8 will hopefully make the cut for my fellow Swifties.

These 8 pet names are all inspired by The Tortured Poets Department.

1. "London"

When it comes to pet names, the first few songs don't exactly feature names in the title. However, I wanted to include a few inspired by the title before diving into the lyrics. That's why I chose to go with "So Long, London" and chose "London" as the name. While this is a certified Track 5, (iykyk) you can still use this name even though it's a heartbreaking song. Plus it's a pretty fancy name so I think it would work well for a cat or a dog.

2. "Clara Bow"

The next song title I decided to go with is "Clara Bow." This song feels very melancholic but in a good way, as it's all about comparisons. Even so, it's such a lovely little song so I wanted to feature it on the list. Honestly, I think you could either go with the name "Clara" or "Bow" or keep it together. Either way, this name is just too cute to ignore.

3. "Cassandra"

Moving onto the double album, there are plenty of names to choose from and I decided to go with "Cassandra." This song is easily one of my favorites from The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology. This one is based on the myth of Cassandra and how she tried to warn everyone before things got bad. Either way, this song is so good so if you're looking for a name, this is an amazing one.

4. "Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus"

This next song is a bit self-explanatory as these are all names. If you couldn't tell, the second part of the double album features a lot of names within the titles. Of course, this is an extreme example but one I had to include.

5. "Thomas"

Surprisingly, there are so many names mentioned within the titular track. However, the name I chose was "Thomas." As Taylor says "You're not Dylan Thomas/ I'm not Patti Smith," I picked out Thomas because it's a relatively simple name and honestly, one of the best pet names of all the ones that were mentioned. Plus it's one of the best lines in the song so it deserves to be honored as such.

6. "Rose"

We're moving onto some deeper-cut names because I don't want to go with anything too out-there because I feel like you could go with "Albatross" as a name but I don't know how often you want to yell for your dog like that. With that being said, the word "rose" is mentioned within the song so I decided to go with that.

The lyric is at the beginning of the song and it goes: "A rose by any other name is a scandal." While it might not be a lyric a non-Swiftie would get, others would get it. Either way, it's one of the few names I could pick up from this song.

7. "Scout"

When I first heard "So High School," there were so many things to choose from but the one I chose to go with was "Scout." For my fellow Tayvis girlies, you probably know which lyric I'm referring to but if you don't, I've got you. This lyric is: "It's true, swear, scout's honor, you knew what you wanted and boy, you got her." I mean how could you not love that line and these two as a couple? Once again, this is another deep-cut but the girls who get it, get it.

8. "Lunar"

Moving onto the final song I'm choosing titles from, the one I chose was "I Hate It Here." While this book is pretty depressing but relatable, I chose to go with a unique name. In the song, it's all about Taylor using her mind to go to different places. The lyric I used for this name was "I hate it here/ so I will go to lunar valleys in my mind." I don't know about you, but I loved the name Lunar and I feel like that could be a fun and unique name for your new pet.

All in all, The Tortured Poets Department has some amazing songs, and even though you might have to do some digging, I'm sure you'll find a name for your new pet there. Of course, if you have some names you think we missed, make sure to let us know.

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