5 signs that your dog might be feeling stressed out

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Just like humans, animals can also suffer with stress and anxiety. And summer can actually be an extremely stressful time of year for our dogs.

Among the reasons for the added stress of summer we have things such as heat, fireworks, and even the barbecues and grilling that happens throughout the season. And knowing that our pets get stressed out, it can be important to figure out what signs to lookout for.

Luckily for us Waggel, a pet insurance company based out of the UK, is making it easier for pet parents to know what to be on the lookout for. Thanks to them, we have five "ways to tell if your dog is feeling stressed."

5 signs that let us know your dog is feeling stressed or anxious

A change in their appetite

If you find that your dog is suddenly eating more food than normal or even less food than normal, this can be a sign of stress or anxiety. Staying consistent with your dog's feeding schedule is very important, and you will want to speak to your veterinarian if you find that your dog's eating habits have changed and remain unusual.

An excessive amount of barking

Is your dog barking for an extended period of time? Is this level of barking unusual for your dog? Figure out what is making your dog bark, and make sure that you are giving your dog the amount of activity they need to reduce their stress and keep them stimulated mentally. Your dog may be barking because of anxiety or because something in their immediate vicinity is causing stress.

Behavior that is destructive

Is your dog suddenly chewing on things, digging when they never did before or otherwise causing destruction? These bad behaviors can be a sign of anxiety and stress. And making sure that your pup has what they need to get them engaging in play can help make a difference in terms of their anxiousness.

Panting in excess

Is your dog panting more than normal? According to the pet experts at Waggel, "while panting is normal after exercise or in hot weather, excessive panting without a clear reason can signal stress. Ensure your dog has a cool, quiet place to relax. Provide plenty of water and consider calming aids like anxiety wraps or pheromone diffusers."

A lot of pacing

If your dog is pacing back and forth, this is something to pay attention to because it can be a sign of anxiety. This is how you can tell that your dog is struggling to relax. And knowing this, you can either look for what is causing them problems within their current environment or you can engage with them to get their mind off of whatever is causing their pacing.

Knowing your dog's normal behavior is important because it can make it easier for you to see the signs of anxiety or stress in your pup. And of course, being familiar with your pup makes your relationship with them better too!

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