5 of the easiest dog breeds to train

Search and rescue dogs Paz and Pasa contribute to the trainings in Ankara
Search and rescue dogs Paz and Pasa contribute to the trainings in Ankara / Anadolu/GettyImages

When considering bringing a new dog home, there are a lot of things you may want to consider. And if you happen to be adopting, buying, or rescuing a puppy, one thing you might be wondering is how easy they are to train.

Having a dog that is easy to train can be very important for a lot of pet parents. And while we have yet to find a truly untrainable breed of dog, there are definitely some breeds that are easier than others when it comes to training.

One breed that we have long known to be a highly trainable dog is the Golden Retriever. And considering this is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., it makes perfect sense. This loveable pup has so many amazing qualities, and one of them is their desire to please their people. These dogs are always willing to listen to their person because they are definitely the people pleasers of the canine world.

Looking for a dog breed that is easier to train than others? Here are five

Beyond the Golden Retriever, another dog breed that is known for being easy to train according to PetLab is actually the Labrador Retriever. And as someone who has had a Lab in the past, I can attest to this. These dogs are also well-known people pleasers. Their natural instinct is to actually doing things with their person (or people) and that makes them great with training and commands. These pups want to make their owners happy and it can actually make them great students.

Our third dog breed that is easy to train is the Border Collie. We have also had a Border Collie in the past and even though she was a bit older when we adopted her from the shelter, she was amazing when it came to following commands, listening to us, and basically doing things that she was asked to do. She enjoyed a game of fetch, just as much as she liked to sleep and herd the other animals in the house. And just based on our experiences with her, we know just how good this breed is when it comes to handling training and commands.

The fourth dog breed we are looking at in terms of being easily trained is the Pit Bull Terrier. My mother had a Pit Bull for a number of years and while the breed gets a bad rep, they are actually quite easily trained. These dogs used to be known as nanny dogs, because they were known for being protective. They listen to their owners, even to their own detriment and that is a big reason why these pups have the reputation that they do.

Finally we have the Rottweiler. This is another breed of dog that often gets a bad reputation, but much like the Pit Bull Terrier, these dogs are easy to train and they like working with people. With the right training and care, these dogs can be amazing family dogs.

Perhaps the most important thing to note when it comes to training any dog is that you need to be patient, kind, and remember that repetition and rewards are the keys to success when it comes to training any animal. And in the case of these dogs, that training might come quickly if it is done correctly.

Do any of these dog breeds surprise you in terms of their ability to be trained? Have you experience with dog training?

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