5 dog breeds that are cute but noisy

Crufts 2023 - Day Two
Crufts 2023 - Day Two / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

It's hard to find a breed of dog that we don't think is cute, but when it comes to the things that stand out from a crowd, how loud a dog is definitely makes an impression. And while we have no problem with dogs that get loud, it might be a problem for some people.

Depending on your living situation, it might be important to know whether or not the dog breed you are considering bringing home is known for being noisy. Luckily, we have ideas about the breeds that the most likely to get loud, even though they are also super cute.

One breed that really surprised us was the Corgi! Both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi are actually said to be noisy dogs. And according to The Scotsman, "Their vocal nature comes from their history of being bred to herd cattle and sheep." Honestly, that makes perfect sense and it is something we should have considered when it came to why a dog might be overly vocal.

The 5 dog breeds might be cute, but that doesn't mean they aren't vocal

Crufts 2023 - Day Two
Crufts 2023 - Day Two / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Another breed that is known to get noisy is the Pomeranian. They may be small, but that doesn't stop them from getting loud. And when I used to dog sit for a couple that had three small dogs, including a Pomeranian, I learned pretty quickly that they were definitely the spokespup for the pack. They have no problem barking even after the situation warrants it.

Perhaps the least surprising dog on this list has to be the Siberian Husky. Over the last few years, Husky owners have repeatedly shared their experiences with their dogs on social media and we have all learned that Huskies can be loud and dramatic. These are dogs with a lot of personality and they have no problem getting loud to show it off.

Although I am a big fan of Snoopy, the fact that he is a Beagle means that I wouldn't necessarily want to bring him home with me. Beagles are known for their barking and their ability to vocalize to get the attention they are looking for. Considering these are hunting dogs, they vocal abilities are quite renowned, and it just makes sense that they can get noisy.

Finally, we have to point out that while the Labrador Retriever is a very popular dog breed in the U.S. and the U.K., it is also a very noisy breed. While people might not realize it, these pups get bored very easily and they have no problem expressing that with their barks. And as someone who has owned a Lab, I know that even when they are not bored, these pups will bark just to hear themselves bark. Our Lab was a fan of talking to his siblings, the neighbors, the cats, the trees, and himself. He just had a lot to say and he wasn't afraid to say it.

While many dogs bark, some dogs definitely do it more than others. And these five dog breeds are definitely at the top of our list when it comes to pups getting noisy.

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