5 dog breeds perfect for single people who live alone

Loyal friends' excitement for treats
Loyal friends' excitement for treats / Anadolu/GettyImages

Are you single? Do you live alone? Are you looking for some company in your life, but you are thinking about adding a dog to your life? Then you might be wondering which dog breeds are the best for your single life!

As someone who lives alone part of the year (and who is single), I have long considered getting a dog. Not only did I grow up with dogs, but even when I had a roommate, we had dogs (we started with one and by the time we went our separate ways, he had two). Technically, we have a staff pup named Ladybug who lives with my mother. But having a dog that is my very own and lives with me, is something completely different.

This desire for a dog of my very own has lead me down a rabbit hole of what the best dog breeds might be for me and my lifestyle. And it also lead to a piece from The Scotsman talking about the best dog breeds for people who live alone.

So what are the best dog breeds for those single people who live by themselves? And which breeds are we considering for our own single life?

5 dog breeds perfect for single people living alone

Loyal friends' excitement for treats
Loyal friends' excitement for treats / Anadolu/GettyImages

The French Bulldog

Up first, we need to talk about the French Bulldog. This is a popular dog breed in the U.S. and it is also great for anyone who lives alone. They are great city dogs and they often have unique personalities that make them super fun to live with. Considering this dog is good for single people living alone, it makes sense that this is a breed that knows how to keep itself entertained.

The Akita

If you are a woman that also lives alone and wants to add a dog to your life, then the Akita might be the perfect choice. I had an Akita when I was a teenager and this is a great breed to have as a female living alone. You need to know that this is a breed that can be very willful and they need an owner that is strong and won't put up with their bad behaviors. However, these dogs have a lot of energy and they love attention. They will cuddle with the best of them and they have no problem being a companion.

The Chihuahua

Did you know that the Chihuahua is very much a one person dog? This is a breed that gets very attached to their owner and they are super loyal. While this breed might not be for everyone, they are definitely a great option for someone single and living alone. These dogs are great as companions and to take with you thanks to their compact size.

The Golden Retriever

Alongside of the French Bulldog we also have the Golden Retriever as highly popular dog breeds. But the thing that makes the Golden Retriever perfect for people who live alone or are single is the fact that these dogs are extremely loyal. These pups love to have fun with their people and they have such an effervescent personality that they will be a mood booster for people who need that in their lives.

The English Bulldog

Are you looking for a dog that is a great couch potato companion? Do you want a dog that may not need quite as much physical activity? Then the English Bulldog is a great option. These pups may not be great at protection, but they are amazing companions and they are actually perfect for city living as well.

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