Housebroke is an adorable dog-centric romance by Jaci Burton

Housebroke by Jaci Burton. Image Courtesy of Berkley.
Housebroke by Jaci Burton. Image Courtesy of Berkley. /

As a romance reader and a dog lover, I’m always down for a romance book featuring dogs. That’s why I knew I had to grab Housebroke by Jaci Burton.

Even though this was my first book by the author, it sounded too good. Thankfully, it was just as cute as the cover made it look. Plus it’s such a fun one to pick up if you’re looking for some cozy vibes.

While this review is mostly going to focus on dogs, I do feel like this one is a great book to pick up if you’re new to reading romance. It was incredibly well-paced and written well so it was easy to fall into.

I’d like to thank Berkley for sending me a digital ARC to read as it was such a fun one.

Housebroke by Jaci Burton puts dogs in the forefront of this love story.

Housebroke follows Hazel who is staying at a friend’s house with foster dogs until someone comes barging in. She’s ready to fight Linc until she meets him and finds out he’s the owner of the house. Once things are cleared out, she goes to leave but Linc says she can stay.

From there, the two start up a friendship which slowly turns to more as they continue to work and spend time together. While Linc’s renovating the house, Hazel cooks for him and the two slowly but surely start to fall for each other. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year.

What made this book perfect for my fellow dog lover is that Hazel fosters dogs and it’s clear she loves all of them. We meet the entire crew which includes dogs of all shapes and sizes. There are some younger dogs and some senior dogs but Hazel loves them all equally and eventually, Linc grows to love them, too.

In addition, the book doesn’t gloss over the hard parts of fostering dogs. One of the dogs she’s fostering gets adopted and it’s hard on her. While people can put on a brave face, it’s not an easy job. Ultimately, Housebroke felt like an amazing romance book for all my dog lovers out there.

As a romance reader, this wasn’t a perfect book but I just enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t be mad at it. Hazel, Linc, and the dogs had me grinning every couple of pages so it was a perfect comfort read. If you’re a romance reader and a dog lover, you can’t go wrong in picking up a copy of Housebroke.

Housebroke by Jaci Burton is out now where books are sold.

Will you be grabbing a copy of Housebroke by Jaci Burton? Let us know in the comments.

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