Meet Cap a senior dog with his own story to tell

Photo Credit: Shelly Fisher
Photo Credit: Shelly Fisher /

November was “Adopt a Senior Dog Month”. I wish senior dogs could speak to us and tell us the lessons they have seen, as their experiences would be the best to hear!

Historically, dogs are so observant, the amount of knowledge they take in on a daily is something that I feel should be researched. Below is story about a senior dog! Enjoy!

Meet Cap, a senior dog with a story

My Cap won’t be here forever, he’s a senior dog! We can say the same of any dog, cat, pet or person in our lives, but when you’ve adopted someone like Cap – a senior dog, at the age of 7 – it’s a little bit more real. Because the clock is ticking, which means there’s no time to waste on anything but happiness, which is why I’d recommend adopting a senior dog if at all possible.

These little guys and dolls give us so much, don’t they? Their attention, their heart, their loyalty. They are the best of this world, and they deserve the very best we have to offer, so I will absolutely take out my Cap for an extra walk in the parks he loves.

I will absolutely chop up celery and carrots as a tasty replacement for some of his high-calorie kibble, as some senior dogs do need. I will absolutely give him the best healthcare I can find as he ages into a senior dog. For all the happiness a senior dog has given others in this life, and for all the happiness they’d give us now if given the chance, it’s an honor to adopt a senior dog and give them what they deserve: all the love we can muster.

When senior dogs leave us and really any dog, seeing the lessons they have taught us in life and how we can continue to carry those lessons on in our own lives. It’s a way we get to remember them. This can sometimes help our grieving when losing our dogs. Write it down… what has your dog  (dogs) taught you about love, life and how we can be in this world??!

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