Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks are a great gift for pups this year

Blue Buffalo Stocking Stuffers for Your Furry Family Members!
Blue Buffalo Stocking Stuffers for Your Furry Family Members! /

Blue Buffalo is making sure your pups are feeling the love this holiday season. With these two varieties, pups will be begging for them in their stockings.

Even if your dogs don’t have stockings, you’ll be able to get the Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks for them. The two flavors for the holiday season 2023 are Oatmeal & Cinnamon and Tasty Chicken Recipe. Even dogs have a preference for sweet and savory items.

For the most part, it does feel like dogs always get the savory items yet the brand is giving them and you a choice. If you’re looking to grab the Oatmeal & Cinnamon variety, these come in 3 shapes which are stars, Christmas trees, and gingerbread cookie people.

If you’re grabbing the Tasty Chicken recipe, those come in fun shapes such as snowmen, stars, and Christmas trees. No matter how you’re celebrating, at least your pooch will have a tasty treat this holiday season.

Blue Buffalo has all the tasty gift ideas for your pups this year.

When it comes to shopping for your pups this season, treats are the way to go. It’s a way for them to feel included and to enjoy a treat like most of us are. Thankfully, you’re able to snag these Santa Snacks from places such as Chewy and Target.

You can always go to Blue Buffalo if you’re looking for more, though. While treats are great, sometimes you want to spoil your pup. For that, you might consider grabbing them a bag of the brand’s dry food or some of the wet food available.

Your pups aren’t the only ones to get in on the fun, though. Blue Buffalo also has some cat food and treats for the beloved feline in your life. Whether you’re grabbing them something for Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the holiday season in general, you can’t go wrong in picking up something from Blue Buffalo’s lineup.

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