Get Christmas ready with this adorable Pusheen gift guide

Coloring Cuteness by Claire Belton. Image Courtesy of Gallery Books.
Coloring Cuteness by Claire Belton. Image Courtesy of Gallery Books. /

It’s not easy to shop for cat lovers. However, Pusheen has remained a mainstay when it comes to famous cats.

In honor of Pusheen and her impact, I wanted to make sure I featured some gifts you could grab for Christmas. Whether you’re grabbing some stocking stuffers or have a certified Pusheen lover in your life, this list is going to feature some options.

Everyone also has a different price point when it comes to shopping for gifts so I’m trying to keep this as affordable as possible. Thankfully, a lot of the products featuring her are decently priced which isn’t always the case.

Of course, if you’re a Pusheen fan, then I don’t think you can go wrong in grabbing a little something for yourself, too.

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The first gift is one that I’ve talked about in the past and have featured on another site, but it’s one I loved. With that being said, I had to include Coloring Cuteness: A Pusheen Coloring & Activity Book. This is great if you’re planning to relax, want something to do during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or even have a little one who loves to color. This could be great for a stocking stuffer or the artist in your life. You can grab this from Target for $14.99.

These next two gifts are exclusive to Pusheen’s Gift Shop and there’s a lot to choose from so I’m just focusing on two. First up is the Pusheen Holiday Gifts Unisex Sweatshirt. This is $35.00 and is the prettiest pink color. On the front, it includes Holiday Gifts (From Your Cat) which includes love, joy, a terrible sweater, and then peace which is crossed out. It’s too adorable so I had to feature it.

Keeping with the pink theme, there is an exclusive Pusheen Christmas Tree plush. Our favorite cat is wrapped up like a Christmas tree complete with lights and a star. This comes in at $30.00 and would be great for snuggling in bed with or adding it to the couch for some cheer. I feel like I can’t stop saying how adorable these items are but they are just too cute.

If you’re looking to grab something at the mall, you can stop by Claire’s which has tons of cute Pusheen stuff including a water bottle featuring our favorite cat and some ice cream. It’s stainless steel and would be perfect for use in your lunchbox, in the car, or on a trip. While it’s a bit pricey at $24.99, the store usually has sales which is something to be on the hunt for.

Another store you might hit at the mall is Hot Topic and this is easily one of my favorite gift ideas on the list. Hot Topic has a Funko Pusheen Pop! Swiss Roll. This is exclusive to Hot Topic so you can only get it there and it’s also strawberry-scented. This comes in at $14.90 and you have to see it to believe it.

Last but not least, I wanted to include something a little lower in price because we’re all trying to get a deal these days. For this final gift idea, you’ll need to head to Five Below where you can find a Pusheen Mini Bluetooth Speaker. This is $5.00 and is mint green but features an image of Pusheen DJing which is just plain awesome. There are a few other items featuring our favorite cat at Five Below too so you’ll have to make sure you head there if you’re Christmas shopping.

Are you shopping for a Pusheen fan this year? Let us know your favorite idea we shared! 

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