Get Christmas ready with Beggin’ Pawliday Cheer Kit

BEGGIN’ Pawlidy Cheer Kit. Image courtesy Purina
BEGGIN’ Pawlidy Cheer Kit. Image courtesy Purina /

Christmas is almost here even though it feels like the year just started. In honor of that, Beggin’ decided to share its new Cheer Kit.

Honestly, I feel like everyone gets so hyped up about Christmas, and rightfully so. It’s one of the most magical times of the year, but people tend to forget about their pups within that.

Whether you’re trimming the tree, putting together a Christmas party, or wrapping presents, your dogs usually end up getting a treat or two so you can work. Thankfully, Beggin’ knows what your dog wants with its Pawliday Cheer Kit.

This is essentially a way for you and your pup to celebrate the season without letting them fall by the wayside.

Beggin’ shares its Pawliday Cheer Kit for Christmas 2023.

Even if you’re just celebrating with your pup this holiday season, they still want to feel special and this Cheer Kit does just that. Thankfully, grabbing one is incredibly simple and the kits will start shipping in early December to make sure it gets to you just in time.

Each kit includes a plague featuring the brand’s mascot, Hamlet as he says his signature catchphrase: “It’s BEGGIN’,” a holiday sweater for you to wear along with a matching bandana for your pup, a Beggin’ stocking to put all of your dog’s little treats into and lastly, wrapping paper adorned with Hamlet and the logo to get you in the Christmas cheer.

The only thing the kit is missing is some Beggin’ treats but you can always pop over to the store to grab some of those. Overall, it’s such a fun idea and one we rarely see for our pups. If you’re looking to grab one, it’ll be $49.99 so a little pricier but sometimes, you want to treat yourself and your pup.

No matter if you’re decorating early or not, you can still order one but you’ll just have to wait until December for it.

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