Here’s why you need to wash your dog’s bed more often

Lesure offers its amazing Calming Flower Bed in four lovely colors, including Pink and Green. Image courtesy Lesure
Lesure offers its amazing Calming Flower Bed in four lovely colors, including Pink and Green. Image courtesy Lesure /

When it comes to taking care of our pets, getting them the right bed is important, just like it would be for us. But just like for us, we need to be mindful of cleanliness.

But what does that mean? Well it means that we need to be more cognizant of how often we are actually washing our dog’s bed.

For some people, washing the dog’s bed is something you might do pretty often. For others, you may forget all about it until it looks so disgusting that you’re better off just replacing it. However, there are some really important reasons why we need to be keeping up with the cleanliness of our dog’s bed.

And yes, one of those main reasons really is about cleanliness. Because just like with our own bedding, sleeping in that bed means bringing in germs.

It’s important to wash your dog’s bed regularly

As One Green Planet points out,

"without frequent washings, dog beds can accumulate potentially harmful or allergy-triggering substances. These include dirt, pollen, and pet hair. A pup’s beloved bed may even harbor organisms that can cause disease in both dogs and humans."

So how often should we be washing the dog beds and cushions? Much like we should be doing with our own stuff, at least every other week. Basically every two weeks, dog beds and bedding should be going through the wash.

Of course, before just throwing it into the washing machine, make sure you’re getting off any excess pet hair, dirt, and debris. It’s all about doing the best you can to not only get it clean, but also to keep your machine clean and in proper working order.

So what else can you do to keep those dog beds clean?

"Other steps that can be taken to ensure dog beds stay clean include vacuuming them between washes. Vacuuming removes excess dirt and hair. Cleaning a dog’s paws after they go outside can also prevent them from tracking harmful substances into their bed."

Honestly, we have more than one dog bed in our home because it lets us keep them clean easier. One, because both beds get used over time. And two, because while one is getting clean the other one is available for use. It works for us. Or at the very least, it works for our staff dog.

Another thing that we like to have is an extra cover for the bed, because it makes it even easier to keep it clean. The cover comes off and goes in the wash, and a different cover can go on it.

It just makes sense to keep your dog’s bed clean. And if you are already doing that, then nothing needs to change. But if you’re somebody who sometimes forgets to wash the dog’s bed or the cover on the bed, this might just be a reminder for you.

How often do you wash the dog’s bed?

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