BARK is ready for Spooky Season with the perfect dog costumes for Halloween

Dog Halloween Costumes from BARK! Image courtesy BARK!
Dog Halloween Costumes from BARK! Image courtesy BARK! /

Now that Fall has officially arrived, it’s time to get ready for Spooky Season. And BARK has us covered with the perfect collection of dog costumes for Halloween.

For anyone unfamiliar with BARK, they are the people who also give us the BarkBox! So, it makes sense that they would have a collection for Halloween. Yes, there are dog toys for our pups. However, we are actually here for the costumes this year.

So what are some of this year’s must get just a Halloween costumes for our dogs? Technically, there are quite a few.

BARK has an entire collection of Halloween costumes for our dogs

Dog Halloween Costumes! Image courtesy BARK! /

Some of the most popular costumes, or the favorites if you will, include the BARK Halloween Charlie Brown Dog Polo, the BARK Halloween Snoopy Dog Costume, the BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume, the Prince of Barkness Bundle (we tried this one with our pup, but sadly her head was too big for it), and even a Hairy Princess costume.

However, one of our personal favorites from browsing the Halloween shop has to be the Doggo Dragon Wings! In fact, we think we may need to try to get our hands on these wings since the Prince of Barkness didn’t work out for for our staff pup.

Another costume bundle we are loving is the Gnomie Homie, but based on the Barkness bundle, we would probably skip it for our own pup.

Honestly, you can never go wrong with anything from BARK and the BarkShop. And we love the fact they have a large variety of products that we can spoil our pup with, while also getting them into the spooky season vibes as well. We can’t wait to take our pup trick-or-treating this Halloween in their BARK costume (but of course, first we have to get her one that actually fits).

Are you planning on trick or treating with your pup? Will you be dressing your pup up in a Halloween costume of their own?

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