Tasty Treat Thursday: Apple Mint Biscuit treats from Portland Pet Food Company is the Woof!


Earlier this month, Portland Pet Food Company shipped some tasty treats our way that my pups Sunny and Shadow still can’t get enough of! That’s why, on this Tasty Treat Thursday, we’re raving about Portland Pet Food Company, especially their new flavor treats Apple Mint Biscuit!

My 3-year-old Goldendoodle, Sunny, tried goodies from Portland Pet Food Company just once before back in 2021. Sunny has still a young pup, so we were in the process of figuring out what she loves and doesn’t. For starters, she does have some food intolerance and allergies. I’m so glad the family-owned company popped back into our lives because Sunny (and my new pup Shadow) has been missing out.

Along with the new Apple Mint Biscuit treats, I received a variety of other flavors. From the dog meal pouches, Sunny and Shadow’s favorite (I’m talking crazy tail wagging) are Turkey & Yams and Salmon & Rice. As for the treats, Brew Biscuits with Bacon and the Gingerbread Biscuits are classic favorites.

This was Sunny and Shadow’s first time sampling the Pumpkin Biscuit treats, so we have added these to our list of favorites. And the new Apple Mint Biscuits? Let’s just say Sunny and Shadow will do just about any trick for one of these treats!

For quality and ultimate tail wags, choose Portland Pet Food Company

From the PPFC release, the Apple Mint Biscuits are made with just five ingredients:

  • Fresh, organic, Northwest-grown Seely Mint
  • Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour
  • Pureed apples
  • Smooth peanut butter
  • Parsley

The human-grade ingredients are then mixed and baked to crunchy perfection! The plant-based treats also “help freshen breath, clean off tartar, and soothe digestion.” Now, as a pet parent, I love all of this, but it really comes down to what our pups think — and they give them a Woof+ score (for those who don’t speak Woof, this means their highest ranking).

In addition to Sunny and Shadow’s Woof+ score, Denver, one of the pups I dog-sit regularly, also fell for the Pumpkin Biscuits! Denver has an extremely sensitive tummy and is very limited on what he is able to enjoy. With his mom’s permission, I gave Denver some of Portland Pet Food Company’s Pumpkin Biscuits and sent him home with the bag. His mom happily reported back that Denver loves the treats and did not have a bad reaction. I’m so happy Denver can now add another tummy-friendly treat to his list!

Make your pups day with Portland Pet Food Company treats.