This dog with a super rare condition was tied up outside of a shelter with a heartshattering note attached

Unfortunately, dogs get abandoned for no reason, some for reasons that they just can’t help. For one sweet Pitbull that was just the case. Qwerty Cosmo (yes, that’s his real name) was abandoned right outside of a shelter all because he had a super rare spinal condition that made him look different. Out in Southern California, poor Qwerty Cosmo was tied up right outside of the Roadogs Rescue Shelter with an absolutely heartbreaking note attached to him that read: “Free Dog”.

This dog, Qwerty Cosmo, was tied up and abandoned, but then saved!

Roadogs Rescue took to their Instagram to share this heartbreaking rescue story. Upon finding him tied up there, the owner of the shelter, Nikki Carvey, figured that due to his condition, that his previous family just couldn’t provide him with the care that he needed. When Qwerty was found, he was just sitting there super chill and calm and not barking or growling at a single soul that walked past him; to Carvey who ended up finding him, that at least indicated that he was previously treated well, although he was left abandoned by that stinky, stinky family.

He just sat there…waiting.

Qwerty Cosmo has what’s called Short Spine Syndrome. Carvey stated that:

“He doesn’t really have a neck, so his physical limitations are that he has to turn his whole body if wants to look anywhere. He doesn’t let it stop him though, and he loves going on walks and chasing the ball like any other dog”.

Although he appears to have a hunched spine, he gets around just fine, so no worries there!

Short Spine Syndrome is super rare and because of that, not much research has been published as such. PetMD stated that spinal malformations, such as the one that Qwerty has, are usually spotted/’diagnosed’ at birth or at the very latest a few weeks after. There is another form of this disease, though, that is more of a vertebral malformation and isn’t spotted until “the dog has a growth spurt some months later” (PetMD).

A lot of the times, conditions, such as Short Spine Syndrome, can mostly be inherited genetically; however, if a mother is exposed to various toxins, high stress levels, or has any sort of nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy, this can also be potentially harmful to the puppies.

According to NewsWeek:

“There are several types of spinal malformations, including hemivertebra, which is just half a vertebra, a transitional vertebra, which can cause disc changes and compression, spina bifida, and congenital spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal canal”.

Carvey has since shared several reels and update videos on Qwerty Cosmo that have gained over 20K likes and even more views.

The worst part about this heartbreaking story is that Qwerty Cosmo was actually loved by his previous family; for whatever reason(s), they just couldn’t take care of him. As for the sign that came with him, you could tell that it was made by a kid (perhaps an ex human sibling of Cosmo’s) because of the super dainty handwriting and adorable little drawings to go along with it. They even wrote on the sign “I love my dog” and let whoever came and got him, what food that he eats!

Much like myself, the owner of Roadogs has a soft spot for those pups that are different, and rightfully so, as everyone else in this world should!

See pictures of Qwerty Cosmo and the sign that was tied up with him right over here!

As of 6 days ago, the hunt for his perfect foster family was still going on, so please consider supporting Roadogs however you see fit to!

While this story is super heartbreaking, Qwerty’s life now has meaning and even more love, care, and affection that he could’ve ever imagined. If I could, I would snatch that good boy up and take him home with me. He’s so adorable and deserves the best and kindest family!