Sarah Ferguson shares picture of herself with the late queen’s Corgis on anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death

September 8 is the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II‘s death. And in honor of the one year anniversary, Sarah Ferguson shared a special picture of herself with the late queen’s Corgis.

As all of the members of the royal family take the time to celebrate the life of their late mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and friend, each is doing their own thing to showcase their love for the late queen. And Ferguson is doing that in her own way as well.

Sarah Ferguson shared a picture of herself with Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis on anniversary of her death

In a picture shared to social media, we can see Muick and Sandy looking both happy and healthy, which we love to see. The two pups were the last Corgis that the queen owned leading up to her death, with both being gifted to her by Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew.

Considering Muick and Sandy were gifts from Ferguson and the prince, it made sense that following her death, these two pups went back to the ex-couple for them to take care of the beloved pets.

Since the queen’s death, Sarah Ferguson has shared a few updates on the two Corgis. She has talked about them on her social media and even in interviews. With so many of us invested in what happened with Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs after she passed away, it makes sense that Ferguson would keep everyone updated as to how the Corgis are doing.

In the caption of the post, Ferguson shares this heartfelt message,

As we mourn a year on, we also celebrate the wonderful times we shared with Her Late Majesty the Queen. She entrusted me with the care of her corgis Sandy and Muick and I am delighted to say they are thriving.

You can see the picture and post for yourself here: