BarkBox introducing special edition Simpsons box

BarkBox has made a special edition box of just about every show and movie that’s in pop culture. From Stranger Things to Space Jam to Spongebob. But now they are taking on one of the most popular cartoons of all time: The Simpsons.

The new special edition “double deluxe” box includes four toys and four kinds of all-natural snacks. The toys include a Homer Simpson with a spikey squeaker ball in it and a Bart Simpson plush toy filled with crazy crinkle material.

The bonus toys include a Maggie Simpson toy that is filled with crazy crinkle material and a Marge Simpson toy where you can whip her hair around. Unfortunately, Lisa didn’t make the cut. As a Lisa Simpson fan, this is wildly upsetting.

If you’re just joining BarkBox now, you can also double your box for free and get the Maggie and Marge for no extra charge!

BarkBox takes on the Simpsons in their latest box

There are three different subscription options: a one-month subscription, a six-month subscription, and a twelve-month subscription. The free double box only applies if you’re a new member and if you sign up for a twelve or six-month subscription. Sorry, one-month subscribers!


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Which one you get really depends on how many boxes you want throughout the year and how much you want to spend.

Get your dog one more treat before the summer ends, and what better gift than a box full of treats and Simpsons toys? They are sure to gobble up the treats in no time!

The toys look like they are mostly made out of fabric, so if you have a dog that’s rough on their toys, this may not be the box for them

While some of these types of toys don’t always look like what they are meant to represent, the ones in this box look exactly like the Simpsons. Especially Homer and Bart.

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