Read this love study about dogs from Canine Cottages x Joe Nutkins

Pawsitively in Love - Dogs can't help but fall in love. Image Courtesy of UpSplash.
Pawsitively in Love - Dogs can't help but fall in love. Image Courtesy of UpSplash. /

Everyone loves love including our dogs. While you don’t think much about your pets and being in love, Canine Cottages shared some interesting insights.

As someone who is a romance reader and enjoys romance in any form, seeing this was such an eye-opener. I don’t know about you, but a lot of pet parents don’t think about their dogs in that sense.

Regardless, this new study from Canine Cottages was made in collaboration with Joe Nutkins of Dog Training Essex & Suffolk. Nutkins is an expert on dog behaviors and is an accredited dog trainer. He knows a thing or two about the behaviors of dogs and things regular pet parents might not realize.

With that being said, I wanted to share some insights from the study and just exactly how it relates to your dog or dogs when it comes to love.

Check out this interesting study about dogs and falling in love!

Pawsitively in Love – Dogs can’t help but fall in love. Image Courtesy of UpSplash. /

When it comes to our pups, most of us just think about their relationship to us but a recent study showed that dogs have a want to fall in love as we do. One of the first things the study mentioned was about the dog’s heart rate. I’m going to include the full quote but I feel like having your heart beat fast around the person you like is such a universal thing and it’s great to see it happen to our furry companions too.

As shared in the study: “Dogs exhibited a substantial heart rate increase of up to +69 beats per minute (116%) when encountering their potential special bond, suggesting heightened emotional excitement.” That’s honestly pretty amazing to see and plays into another interesting tidbit.

We all think of romantic love in a way but dogs don’t see it as such. Rather than imagining it as we do, dogs see it as a deep and long-term connection. In a way, romance can be like that and a relationship can take on those qualities. Frankly, I don’t think we’re giving our pups enough credit for how lovely they truly are.

Of course, pups have their ways of showing love such as sharing their essentials (food, water, bed,) wagging their tails, relaxing ears, and even, playing with their favorite companion. In a way, I feel like this proves dogs aren’t as different as we might imagine. If anything, it proves that love just looks a little different for them.

What do you think about this study from Canine Cottages and Joe Nutkins? Share your thoughts with us!

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