Sarah Jessica Parker adopted her feline And Just Like That costar

And Just Like That season 2 on Max
And Just Like That season 2 on Max /

If you have been watching And Just Like That on MAX, then you might know that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character adopted a kitten named Shoe. Shoe shows up in episode 10 of the second season and definitely makes an impression.

And it seems like we weren’t the only ones that the fuzzy feline made an impression on! In a post on Instagram, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she and husband, Matthew Broderick, have actually adopted the kitten, who apparently goes by the name Lotus.

In the post Parker shared that Lotus was named by the Connecticut Humane Society that rescued him and his siblings. The adoption was made official in April and this means he joins the family that already includes the adorable Smila and Remy, who were adopted in May of 2022.

Sarah Jessica Parker adopted the kitten from And Just Like That in real life!

According to a press email we received on behalf of PETA, it seems that the organization is celebrating the adoption in their own way, by sending a special “Kitten Care Package” to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. In the email they shared,

"And just like cat, the feline formerly known as ‘Shoe’ has found a perfect fit with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who have set a fantastic ‘adopt—don’t shop’ example. PETA is sending the family a basket of toys and catnip treats for all their cats to enjoy, along with a copy of PETA President Ingrid Newkirk’s 250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know so that Lotus’ new guardians can give him the perfect life in the city."

Honestly, we love the fact that Parker and Broderick decided to adopt her feline costar. And we especially love the post on Instagram that shared some adorable pictures and even a super cute video of the kitten exploring her own paws and claws. Of course, we also appreciate the fact that the post included a picture of all three kitties together as well. It was a beautiful moment.

We hope to see even more posts featuring Lotus in the future!

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