The Love Plot is a sweet and fun romance for dog lovers

The Love Plot by Samantha Young. Image Courtesy: Berkley
The Love Plot by Samantha Young. Image Courtesy: Berkley /

Dogs make everything better including romance books. That’s the exact sentiment of The Love Plot by Samantha Young.

Going into this book, I had no idea what it was about aside from the fact that the love interest was a veterinarian which is why I wanted to feature it here. For the most part, romance books don’t usually feature pets.

If anything, a lot of realistic elements in romance books are left out and I feel like we rarely see romance books featuring dogs or characters who work with animals. That’s why I was so excited to dive into this one because the cover was cute and it featured a dog on the cover.

I’d like to thank Berkley for sending me a digital ARC of The Love Plot because I think dog lovers will enjoy this one.

The Love Plot is a sweet and fun romance for all the dog lovers out there.

The Love Plot starts with Star meeting Rafe at his niece’s birthday party where she’s dressed up as Merida. The two get off on the wrong foot but the two end up meeting again later and they eventually decide to fake-date. Rafe needs his family to get off his back and Star needs the money Rafe is paying her to go on a road trip.

This book is chocked full of all the romance tropes readers enjoy including grumpy x sunshine, class difference, a quirky heroine, and a stern veterinarian as the love interest. Star and Rafe are the unlikeliest of couples yet the author did an amazing job of convincing me that these two belonged together.

My only real complaint about The Love Plot was that it just felt a bit over-the-top especially when it came to Star. Her parents were the absolute worst and I feel like this girl could not catch a break. Coupled with what happened with the dog toward the end of the book, I was just ready to slap some sense into Star but that’s sometimes how real life works.

As for all my dog lovers out there, you’ll enjoy The Love Plot because there are so many great doggie moments in here. We see Rafe at work as a veterinarian including him bringing dogs home with him to monitor them. It’s just so stinking cute and then there’s also the major climax of the story which features an unfortunate incident with a dog but it’s just so undeniably cute.

On the whole, The Love Plot was incredibly adorable and while it wasn’t as dog-heavy as I mentioned, I do think it’s a great one if you’re a dog lover. It’s also a nice one if you’re just looking for a sweet and fun contemporary romance.

The Love Plot by Samantha Young is out now where your favorite books are sold.

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