Puppy Love is an adorable rom-com for dog lovers

Puppy Love. © 2023 Puppyhood Film (BC) Inc. All Rights Reserved
Puppy Love. © 2023 Puppyhood Film (BC) Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Puppy Love is a term that can mean very different things yet this newest film from Buzzfeed Studios takes it to a new level.

When most people think of puppy love, they either think of young love or a new love where you feel so cutesy and happy with each other. Others might think of two dogs falling in love and rightfully so.

With a movie titled Puppy Love, you’d think it’d be about a couple but the tables get turned as it’s all about two puppies falling in love and their owners who can’t stand to be around each other.

However, if you’re a dog lover or are just craving an adorable romance, Puppy Love is fun yet isn’t afraid to broach hard topics.

Puppy Love is an adorable romance for humans and dogs alike.

Puppy Love
Fancypants as Channing Tatum, Essy as Chloe, Lucy Hale as Nicole, and Grant Gustin as Max in Puppy Love. Photo Credit: Paulina Stevens /

Released on Amazon’s Freevee, Puppy Love is originally based on a Buzzfeed video that was made into a full-length film. In the film, we’re following Nicole (Lucy Hale) who takes in a stray dog named Channing Tatum, and Max (Grant Gustin) who adopts Chloe. The two agree to go on a date to a dog park and the sparks fly.

Of course, when I say sparks, I mean between Chloe and Channing. Nicole and Max frankly can’t stand each other. Unfortunately, the two dogs end up making a more permanent connection as Chloe is having puppies so they’re forced to be around each other. While things seem shaky at first, Nicole and Max form a tentative friendship.

As with most romances, these two slowly start to fall for each other but things fall apart just as quickly. Then again, we all know they’ll end up together and we even get to see some adorable puppies in the end. While the romance didn’t hit as well for me, Nicole and Max as characters did.

Nicole seemed like the typical party girl, the real flighty type, and watching her grow and change was delightful. On the other hand, Max was dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the pandemic and just needed someone to give him a push. These two complimented each other beautifully and I loved these characters.

While Puppy Love was a bit deeper than I originally anticipated, it was a lot of fun and made for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon watch. I think this could be a great date night film or one to enjoy while cuddling with your favorite pup.

Puppy Love is currently streaming on Amazon’s Freevee. 

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