The IAMS Brand is helping pets and pet parents with back-to-school tips

Tips For Getting Your Pet Back On Their “School” Schedule. Image Courtesy of IAMS.
Tips For Getting Your Pet Back On Their “School” Schedule. Image Courtesy of IAMS. /

Back-to-school is a stressful time for all members of the family including the furry ones so IAMS is here to help.

While you might not think about your pets, they are going through a big adjustment, too. If your kids were at home with you, then they might be getting used to the lack of noise. They might also be nervous about these changes which is understandable.

Regardless, the brand shared some tips to keep your pets healthy and in tip-top shape as everyone heads back to school. If you’re a teacher, I’m sure you’re already groaning but being a pet parent is a big responsibility.

While your actual kids need lots of school supplies, time, and effort, so do your pets although you can probably swap out the school supplies for some treats.

The IAMS brand shares tips for pet parents ahead of back-to-school.

Tips For Getting Your Pet Back On Their “School” Schedule. Image Courtesy of IAMS /

To make sure things are as effective as possible, IAMS teamed up with Dr. Laura Robinson who is a veterinarian to share the tips. Regardless if it’s a dog or a cat, these tips can be used and adjusted for you and your pet’s needs. With that being said, a lot of these tips could also apply to kids going back to school although some might be a bit unorthodox so let’s break it down.

The first tip is to “Create new and exciting routines for your pet.” Essentially, this is a way for your pet to feel like they’re even more of the family. You could bring them on a nightly walk or give them some playtime with the kids. Additionally, you could also have your kids give them a treat after school so it’s something for both of them to look forward to.

The next tip is “Start slowly if leaving your pet alone for long periods.” No one adjusts well to being alone and the same thing is true for our pets. That’s why you should go slowly and leave them alone little by little before heading back to the office or school. The third tip is to “Ensure your pets are using their energy as need be.” Whether it’s an extra walk, playing fetch, or just enjoying some play time, they need to get that energy out if they’re going to be alone.

The fourth tip is to make sure your pet is distracted so you can slip out or do something to let them know they’re leaving. For some, it’s grabbing your keys, putting on your work shoes, or just saying goodbye to them before you go. It might seem small but it makes a big difference for your pets.

Last but not least is to make sure you’re monitoring your pet’s behavior. Look for anything abnormal such as excessive barking, biting, or chewing on things. That could mean you’re dealing with something else entirely so it’s always good to follow up with your vet or at least, monitor to see if the behavior is a pattern or not.

While most pet parents don’t think about their pets ahead of back to school, it’s a big adjustment for them. That’s why it could be beneficial to get a Whistle smart device that helps you track your pet’s health. Having that might be the key to making sure your furry friend is okay. IAMS also has PETconnect chat which is a way to chat with pet experts for all those questions you might have.

Hopefully, these tips help you and your pets ahead of back to school. Of course, let us know how these work for you! 

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