Have the Jonas Brothers ever done a Puppy Interview?

The Jonas Brothers are undeniably popular. They’ve sold out stadiums, starred in movies, and recorded albums but has the band ever done a Puppy Interview?

If you didn’t know, the Puppy Interview is a series created by Buzzfeed. As the name might suggest, these are interviews conducted by Buzzfeed that feature puppies.

Essentially, it’s a great excuse for celebrities to be cute with puppies and gets exposure for said puppies to be adopted. It’s also just a lot of fun to see how the puppies react when paired with a celebrity as puppies are extremely unpredictable.

With the switch to more digital media, celebrities are deciding to do interviews in non-traditional ways which is something the Jonas Brothers have gotten used to after their Disney Days.

Have the Jonas Brothers been featured in a Puppy Interview video?

Sadly, the Jonas Brothers as a band have not been featured in a Puppy Interview video. I feel like that’s pretty sad for my fellow Jo Bros fans. Of course, there’s always the next album or another project for the band to be able to book it.

Individually though, Nick Jonas has done his very own Puppy Interview which I’ll feature below, but I feel like it would be even better with the Jonas Brothers. Then again, that might end up being something down the line for the brothers. Either way, I feel like the concept of the “Puppy Interview” wasn’t fully realized but you can still watch and enjoy it.

Regardless if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan or just enjoy Nick Jonas, I’m sure you’ll get some joy out of watching that video. At least, the Jonas Brothers have been featured on some other great online shows aside from doing a Puppy Interview. Of course, the band is set to embark on their North American Tour in August so it’s likely we won’t see the band make their debut until 2024.

Have your favorite celebrities done a Puppy Interview? Share with us in the comments!