New Bark summer dog toys are available at Target

Summer is officially here and with it, dogs will be running outside, flying through sprinkles, and whipping around their toys. Why not get your dog a new summer-themed toy for the season? Luckily, Bark has a bunch of fun options available at Target.

Some of the toys include a Drool Pool dog toy pack with a plush sunscreen toy with a squeaky, a Town Drool Pool plushy membership card toy, and a spongy-looking toy. The whole set is incredibly cute and is only $12.99 on Target’s website.

Looking for a lobster (who isn’t?)? Bark has a lobster toy as well. It’s filled with fluff, has a squeaker, and the arms are made of rope so it’s perfect for tug-o-war. The lobster also has sunglasses, so really, what more could you ask for? The toy is $11.99.

Summer is the perfect time for ice cream sandwiches, but what about your pupper? Luckily, Target has the toy for them as well. The Neopawlitan ice cream sammie toy is filled with fluff, a squeaker, and crinkle material, and is best for medium to large dogs. It would be pretty big for a small dog, but you know them best. The toy is only $12.99.

Bark and Target team up with new summer-themed dog toys

There is also a Melty Minty Monty dog toy that is an upside-down mint chocolate chip ice cream cone plush that includes crinkle material and a squeaker. And it’s only $9.99!

Summer is also a great time for the pool and Bark has a few pool-themed toys as well. The first is a toy that looks exactly like a unicorn innertube. But unlike the real thing, this is filled with fluff and a squeaker. It’s so incredibly cute and is only $9.99.

The other pool-themed toy is a shark toy that is dressed up like a lifeguard. Cute is not a good enough word for this toy. It’s great for dogs of all sizes and is filled with fluff and a squeaker. It’s currently $11.99 on Target’s website.

They also have Croc dog toys but instead of looking like shoes, they are crocodile heads. And they have spaces to put your dog’s feet in! If you can get them to wear them for more than five seconds, make sure to get a picture. The “Crocs” are $9.99.

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