A special look at the dogs of King Charles, so far during his reign

Queen Elizabeth loved her pet dogs immensely. Readers of Dog O’ Day definitely know that. Her son, the now reigning King Charles, loves his pet dogs just as much.

The interesting thing here though, is that while his mum loved the Corgi breed (as well as others), King Charles and his wife, Camilla, are the proud and loving adoptive parents of a completely different breed of dog.

What kind of dogs does King Charles have?

According to goodto.com, Queen Elizabeth touched the lives of a whopping 30 dogs during the entirety of her reign. She was famously partial to Corgis, but that wasn’t the only breed she adopted, apparently.

At the end of her time here on earth, she had a total of four dogs, two of which were indeed Corgis, but the others were a Cocker Spaniel and a Dorgi.

After her passing, 3 of the dogs—the single Dorgi and the two beloved corgis—went to Prince Andrew. According to liverpoolecho.uk.co, the Cocker Spaniel (Lissy) was staying with her trainer, Ian Openshaw—the dog’s trainer that is.

The dogs of King Charles’ reign…

Beth and Bluebell are their names and they’re a pair of adorable Jack Russell Terriers. According to countryliving.com, Camilla adopted them way back in 2017.

Camilla works with multiple charities and organizations and animals are of course at the heart of what she cares for and gives her time to. The dogs she adopted were not found in the best of states she once told the BBC:

“Along I went to Battersea, and Beth appeared, and she had just been moved from pillar to post and dumped. We thought it would be nice for her to have a friend. They found (Bluebell) two or three weeks later, wandering about in woods, no hair on her, covered in sores, virtually dead. And they nursed her back to life and her hair grew again. She’s very sweet, but a tiny bit neurotic, shall we say.”

-Camilla Queen Consort

Charles of course loves Jack Russell Terriers as some of you may well know. His former dog, Tiger, was one such; he passed in 2022.

But Charles too, like his mum, has a devotion to dogs that goes way, way back. Multiple breeds made up his lineage of pets, some dating back to his young childhood. Hounds and other breeds made the cut for sure.

Some of the dogs back then were Corgis however; Honey was his grandmother’s dog, as dailypaws.com writes, dating back to 1954 that was.

So Corgis were indeed prevalent as the young Charles made his way through life—unavoidable perhaps, so we know he loves them too. And who knows what other breeds they may adopt as time passes….

But the bond between King and Terrier seems to be one forged over time and one that has lasted the longest to judge from his current adopted dogs, and to see him with them is perhaps what’s most refreshing—the bond between human and animal is a special one indeed, and one we understand big time here at Dog O’ Day; just as you do dear readers.

Any Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier owners out there?