These viral portraits are showing senior dogs when they were puppies – get the tissues please

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 21: 10 year-old Border Terrier dog, Jess, enjoys the sunshine in a country garden, England. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 21: 10 year-old Border Terrier dog, Jess, enjoys the sunshine in a country garden, England. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) /

It’s certainly no secret that dogs’ lives are way too short – in the blink of an eye they suddenly become a senior dog with greying hair, walking around slower, and so many other things that just simply break our hearts.

Meet American Photographer named Amanda Jones. Recently she begam embarking on her Dog Years Project where she is taking pictures of dogs across their lifespan – she took photos of them from when they were puppies and then now as senior pups as well.

These portraits of senior dogs are beautiful and heartbreaking all together!

While a dog’s lifespan is certainly shorter than ours, the joy, love, laughter, and memories that are brought along with them are certainly infinite. A dog’s love knows no boundaries. A dog’s love is truly and simply uncomparable.

Amanda Jones, American Photographer, recently set out on a beautiful journey to capture the lives and overall lifespans of puppies and senior dogs. She likes to call it her Dog Years Project!

In each of the pet profiles that she creates, the photo on the left shows the dog as a puppy, as young as just merely 6 months old, while the photo on the right shows the dog as a beautiful senior, some reaching nearly 16 years old!

Her photos were actually published in a book called Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then And Now.

One of the stories includes an Italian Greyhound from California named Cosmo from 2006 to 2019. In between the two photos Cosmo unfortunately lost an eye but he is ever so handsome and lovable all the same!

Another story includes a portrait of sibling Boxers named Winston and Lola in 2006. In their photoshoot back in 2014, unfortunately, one of them sadly wasn’t pictured.

A story that can resonate with all of us actually shows a picture of Amanda herself with her own dog from 2008 to 2022. She stated how much her dog has helped her through her own battle with Breast Cancer.

Jones stated that senior dogs tend to evoke a ton of emotions among many people and boy was she right. As much as we all love our pups and love to see them change over the years in terms of personality, foods they like, people they meet and so on and so forth, it’s okay to admit that sometimes it does get a little sad to look at them and watch them age. For me, while my fur baby is no longer with us, I take great pride in knowing just how happy of a life that he not only had, but also gave me. Jack was such a special dog to me and it was so hard to watch him age, but he watched me grow up and that is such a beautiful thing to remember.

Rest in Paradise to all of our furry friends up in Heaven.

Jack, I will always love you!

More. There is a brand new World’s Oldest dog who just dethroned the previous 23 year-old Chihuahua. light

That’s a wrap on these absolutely beautiful portraits being taken by Amanda Jones. She is truly capturing the absolute beauty that comes with the aging of our senior dogs. What’s your favorite memory with your own senior dog? Let’s talk about all of that and so much more down in the comments below and as always…….Woof, Woof!