This Bald Eagle ‘adopted’ a rock and everyone’s hearts are melting after what happens next

The bald eagle at the observes visitors to the zoo, Saturday, April 8, 2023, in Manitowoc, Wis.
The bald eagle at the observes visitors to the zoo, Saturday, April 8, 2023, in Manitowoc, Wis. /

Let’s travel on over to the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri. Living here is a 31 year-old Bald Eagle named Murphy. Last month, he began acting just a bit strange, and everyone was wondering what was causing him to act like that. He was sitting on the ground all day and not moving from this one particular rock.

Many people described Murphy as nesting over this one rock like it was an egg that he was looking so closely after; some even said that his ‘fatherly instincts’ were truly shining in these moments. Then some devastating news came to the World Bird Sanctuary, but they knew just the guy!

Find out if Murphy the Bald Eagle uses his fatherly instincts in any other ways!

Murphy’s love for his baby rock was spreading all over the internet, as expected, and through a recent Facebook post, the World Bird Sanctuary announced that they had received word of an orphan Eaglet that had sadly fallen from their nest and needed to be nursed back to health, as well as a ‘forever’ family.

They had just the guy for the job – that’s right, Mr. Murphy!

Just this past week, the Eaglet was released from ‘solitary confinement’ and the ‘bonding process’ between the Eaglet and Murphy could finally begin. Things did start out pretty slow, though, as it took Murphy nearly a whole hour just to approach the Baby Eagle. However, when the night was approaching Murphy’s ‘house’ and people were no longer peeping on the two bonding birds, something took a turn for the better, for the sweeter. The Eaglet had actually, according to that same Facebook post from earlier, moved its nest closer to Murphy. And while the Eaglet was unable to travel back to their nest, there was nothing to worry about; Murphy felt comfortable enough and was actually feeding the Eaglet some of his own fish dinner.

Murphy is getting the chance to essentially ‘foster’ his very own Eaglet and in his whole 31 years of life, he’s never gotten the chance to do such a thing.

The Eaglet is said to be roughly 14 days-old and was sadly blown from it’s nest due to high winds in the area that he was found to be abandoned and orphaned in. Thanks to the Wildlife Hospital over at the World Bird Sanctuary, Eaglet has nothing to worry about and his ‘Dad’ is surely proud to be his!

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That’s a wrap on the budding relationship, bond, and fatherhood between Murphy the Bald Eagle and his tiny little teenager Eaglet! We truly hope that things work out and that Murphy can officially be named the Dad of the Year, but until then, beaks up and enjoy life, y’all!