Starbucks Japan releases new iconic Snoopy collection

The “Peanuts” gang comes to Apple TV+ for new original shows and specials. Image courtesy Apple TV+
The “Peanuts” gang comes to Apple TV+ for new original shows and specials. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Snoopy usually isn’t what you associate with Starbucks. Most of us think of the iconic green mermaid.

In Japan though, that’s just peanuts. Joking aside, Japan is getting something exclusive: a Snoopy collection through Starbucks. While it seems like an unlikely pairing, it does make sense.

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker but enjoy Peanuts, the collection is worth checking out but it’s worth mentioning that it’s only available on the Starbucks Japan website. Even if you aren’t able to order anything, it’s something to look at.

Snoopy is one of the most recognizable characters so it’s awesome to see the beagle getting his own Starbucks collection. I’m sure he’d expect nothing else for himself as he’s a very important beagle.

Starbucks Japan drops an incredible Snoopy collection and we need it!

If you’re in Japan, I must say how jealous I am because my mother loves Snoopy and Peanuts so I’d be snagging these up for all the major occasions. However, let’s break down some of the cooler items if you’re going to be in Japan or live there so we can live vicariously through you.

Surprisingly, a lot of the collection is apparel which includes hoodies and hats. There are also some Snoopy and Woodstock plushies along with skateboard decks and bags. Additionally, during an earlier drop, the company released some bottles and cups which are so stinking cute. I know I’d be grabbing more than a few if I was able to get them.

Aside from the online collection, there are also drinks and treats being added to the menus based on Peanuts characters. The drinks are the “Snoopy Vanilla Cream Frappuccino,” “Sally Brown Oat Milk Caffe Mocha,” and the “Charlie Brown Cappucino.” Honestly, they all sound delicious to me and I know I’d be dying to try them.

Moving onto food items, those with cafes will be featuring the “Snoopy American Waffle” and the “Sally Brown American Waffle.” These share similar flavors to the drinks and they sound like the perfect pairing. As I said though, I know I’d be wanting to try out everything so I’m hoping this collection never comes to the US. Either way, it’s awesome to see one of our favorite pups getting love around the world.

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