Sarah Ferguson reveals that the Queen’s Corgis are getting over their grief following her death

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September 2022, her two Corgis were sent to live with Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. Considering they were the ones who actually gifted the dogs to the late Queen, it made sense that they would take them in after her death.

Since then, Ferguson has made it a point to open up about the Corgis more than once, assuring fans of the Queen and her dogs, that they were doing well and living happy lives together. In a new radio interview with Rylan Clark for Radio 2, it seems that she is once again sharing news about the Corgis and how they are doing.

According to The Daily Mail, Sarah Ferguson has shared that the two Corgis are both,

‘really happy’ and appear to be recovering from their grief.

Sarah Ferguson shares news on how the late Queen’s Corgis are doing nearly 8 months after her death

Obviously this is not the first time that Sarah Ferguson has talked about how the Corgis are doing in her care, even mentioning that she thought the dogs might even be barking at the Queen’s ghost. However, this does seem to be the first time that she is talking about the dogs feeling grief over the loss of their owner.

How does she know that the dogs are getting passed their grief? According to her, “their tails have gone up.” And we love to hear that. Obviously now that the Queen is no longer around, we don’t get nearly as much royal dog content or even Corgi content as we once did, so it’s nice to get little glimpses into the lives of the dogs that the Queen loved so much.

Hopefully Sarah Ferguson will continue to give us updates on the Corgis and their lives, and maybe even share some new pictures of them on social media as well.