German Shepherd goes viral for stealing treats off the counter

When it comes to mischievous pups, this German Shepherd is definitely stealing the show as he steals the dog treats off the counter.

Over on TikTok, user @WhitneyLauren846 shared a video to kick off March showing her German Shepherd climbing onto the counter in the kitchen to steal a bag of treats. In the caption of the video, they point out that the pump is actually quite mischievous when no one else is around. However, it’s clear that there are other people or at the very least pops, witnessing this action.

A German Shepherd has gone viral on TikTok after climbing on the counter to steal treats

In the TikTok video, we can see as the German Shepherd does a little bit of investigative work going from the couch to the counter while two other dogs look on. Really, it’s the kind of mischief that we expect, but also find hysterical.

And since the video went viral, some people have wondered whether or not the pup shared any of those treats with his fellow furry siblings. In a follow up video that also went viral, we can see that this German Shepherd has not yet learned the art of sharing. Of course, as some commenters pointed out the German Shepherd is the only one who did any work to get those treats.

Honestly, the video is so funny, because we love how the dog check to see the sturdiness of the counter, as well as just how slippery it was. After figuring out logistics, they then jumped up and snagged the treats. From the counter, the pup jumped back onto the couch where they enjoyed their spoils. The video is proof and confirmation that German Shepherds truly are ridiculously smart.

If you want to see this Mischievous German Shepherd in action check out the TikTok here.

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