Venus Williams reveals the best part about being a pet parent to her dog Harry

Purina Pro Plan x Venus Williams. Image courtesy Purina
Purina Pro Plan x Venus Williams. Image courtesy Purina /

If you are a fan of Venus Williams, then you may also know that she is more than just a next level athlete, she is also a pet parent. Her pet, for anyone unfamiliar, is a 16-year-old Havanese named Harry.

Recently, Williams partnered with Purina Pro Plan for their Monday Like a Pro Challenge. Part of the reason that she teamed up with them is because of Harry. Since he is an older dog, his nutritional needs are different from puppies and younger dogs. Plus, no matter how old your dog is, they need to be active (even if that activity is just a short walk outside). You can learn more about this partnership here.

As a pet parent, Venus Williams is doing everything that she can to take care of Harry and make sure that he is living his very best life. And while chatting with the super star athlete, we got the chance to ask her about being a pet parent and what her favorite part of being Harry’s parent is.

Venus Williams shares the best part of being a pet parent to her dog, Harry

After sharing a bit about her life with Harry and how he goes everywhere with her, including practice and restaurants, we wanted to know what the best part about Harry’s parent is for Venus Williams. And according to her,

"I think my favorite part is just seeing him get to live his life. That’s important to me, that he gets to live and be happy and that he loves his life. He’s such a happy guy. And also, I just like to watch him because he thinks about everything. So you can see he’s thinking about it. And he also has a lot of little emotions. And some of them don’t need to be happening. But there’s just these little emotions that he feels things very deeply. So in that sense, like he’s the most unique dog I’ve ever had because he’s like a little person in that sense."

If you have ever been a pet parent, then you may completely understand what Venus Williams is saying. We love getting to see our dogs living their best lives and we can definitely relate to them having interesting personalities.

What’s your favorite part about being a pet parent?

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