There is now a Peanuts Monopoly game

MONOPOLY: Peanuts Edition from The Op. Image courtesy The Op
MONOPOLY: Peanuts Edition from The Op. Image courtesy The Op /

If you’re anything like us then game night means Monopoly! And what better way to enjoy a game of Monopoly as a dog lover than with Peanuts! After all we love Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Luckily for us, as of February 21 there is now a Monopoly Peanuts game. And yes it’s an official game from the makers of the ultimate real estate trading game.

Unlike the traditional game where you’re trading for real estate, with the Peanuts version of the game it’s all about collecting cherished, timeless moments. These moments or items are iconic representation of the classic newspaper comic.

You can expect to find things like the playing baseball scene, iconic expressions like “Good Grief,” Snoopy‘s doghouse, and so much more. However, just like the original game it’s all about being the final player with money in your hand.

There is now a Monopoly Peanuts board game

The game pieces or tokens that we play with will be nothing like the original game of Monopoly (no dog, cat, or top hat here). Instead, our tokens include Charlie Brown’s baseball cap, Snoopy on a sled, the Great Pumpkin (this is everything), and more. They are iconic symbols of the world of Peanuts and we love that.

The board itself is a pop of fun color that screams all things peanuts, Charlie Brown, and yes our boy Snoopy! Obviously this is Monopoly, which means we still have the go to jail square, the free parking square, the jail, and of course the collect $200 at go.

Honestly, we cannot wait to get our hands on this particular version of Monopoly. We can’t wait to bake pies for Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown, go trick-or-treating with Lucy, or decorate the tree with Snoopy. All of these are spots on the game board that we can’t wait to land on. Of course, we hope we only land on them when we already owned them.

What do you think a fellow Peanuts fans? Are you excited for this version of Monopoly? Do you need to have this in your life? Will you play this on your next game night? Let us know in the comments below.

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