The famous U.P. Sled Dog Race is seeking volunteers and here’s how you can help

This year, the ever-so-famous U.P. Sled Dog Race is happening up in Calumet, Michigan, and being held on March 3rd and goes through March 5th. Starting next month, and some are well into preparing now, mushers, dogs, and spectators alike are gearing up for the annual CopperDog sled dog races out in the Keweenaw Peninsula! And they are seeking tons of volunteers!

This event is constantly drawing spectators and mushers from across the country. The race lasts three whole days (a mock of the famous Iditarod that happens up in Alaska every year). The length is a 150-mile CopperDog as well as a brand new 30-mile race being added just this year!

What kind of volunteers are needed for the annual U.P. Sled Dog Race? Let’s see!

This year, as many as 600 dogs are expected to be there, drawing a much larger crowd than usual. Because of this, they are seeking some volunteers to help out with the race, and so here’s where all of you come in.

The volunteer director, Krissy Kovachich has officially stated that “There are actually 632 positions that we need throughout the weekend.” Um, excuse me? 632?! That’s a whole heck of a lot!

Here are some of the duties that you are expected to do or positions to apply/sign up for:

  • Dog handling
  • Being a crossing guard to help teams across the roadways
  • Assisting veterinarians throughout the course and stoppages
  • Bag checkers – make sure mushers have the right items
  • Helping with event set-up
  • Helping with event take-down

Besides all of these, with 632 positions to fill, there are of course many more positions and things that you could be doing (although the dog handling one and crossing guard ones sound the most fun and of course the cutest to me).

Check their website or call their local center to find out more!

The CopperDog event this March is set to be the only one happening due to specific weather conditions throughout the year, so be sure not to miss it, should you have a chance to be there!

Will you be attending this race? Know anyone competing in it? We wish them well! Should you be there yourself, be sure to comment down below how it was and what the funnest parts were! And as always…….Woof, Woof!