Hill’s offers both prescription foods and science backed options

Hill’s Annual End Pet Obesity campaign featuring their Perfect Weight line of pet foods. Image courtesy of Hill's
Hill’s Annual End Pet Obesity campaign featuring their Perfect Weight line of pet foods. Image courtesy of Hill's /

Whether your dog needs a prescription for their dog food or you’re looking for a science diet that even veterinarian approves of, Hill’s has you covered.

Over the years there have been many dog food brands that have ended up in our home. And depending on the dog, some were more appreciated than others. But one brand that has stood the test of time and animals has to be Hill’s.

However, what makes Hill’s so special is the fact that they offer pet parents a variety of products that even our veterinarians love. In fact, they not only offer a Science Diet that is vet approved, but they also have a prescription diet line as well. And as pet parents who have had to use both the science diet and the prescription diet foods, we know that these products are truly on a different level when it comes to quality and even effectiveness.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has vet approved food for all the pets in our lives

So what makes the Science Diet different from the Prescription Diet? According to the Hill’s site,

"If your pet is facing a specific health condition or requires specialized recipes, Hill’s Prescription Diet foods offer clinically tested, life-changing nutrition.Pets have breed-specific, age-specific and varying unique needs, Hill’s Science Diet foods help you provide nutrition that supports their ever-changing lives."

Basically, one line is tailored to your pet’s health needs on a level that is specific to your pets health needs on a truly medical level, while the other is a bit more general, but still aligned with the overall health and well-being of our pets. One comes from your vet, the other you can get in any pet store.

For us, Hill’s takes the guesswork out of what our pets need, no matter if they are a dog or a cat or whatever breed they may be. And at the same time, they also help to truly make a difference in the health of our pets. I know we have seen in a difference in our our staff dog and cat!

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