Bocce’s Bakery has supplements on sale on their website

Bocce’s Bakery Introduces New Wellness Category For Your Pup. Image courtesy of Bocce's Bakery
Bocce’s Bakery Introduces New Wellness Category For Your Pup. Image courtesy of Bocce's Bakery /

When it comes to quality dog treats, Bocce’s Bakery always knows what our dogs need and want. And they always deliver the goods.

But it is not just dog treats that they deliver. They are also good to turn to for dogs supplements. And since they already know how to spoil our dogs with delicious treats, is it any surprise that their supplements are just as well received by our furry friends.

If you have never tried dog treats or supplements from Bocce’s Bakery, now is the time to do it. And that is because they are currently running a sale on their website! This means that you can snag which ever supplements your dog may need and still save some money while doing it. Of course, they also have a sale going on some of their treats.

Bocce’s Bakery is offering a limited time sale on their supplements and a few treats too

So what exactly is on sale? If you head to their sale page, this is what you’ll find:

  • Fish & Chips Biscuits – For just $3.90, spoil your pup with a classic flavor profile.
  • Berries & Cream Soft & Chewy Treats – These treats are on sale for $4.50.
  • Bac N Nutty Biscuits – On sale for $5.25, this is a classic from the brand.
  • Pup Supplement Bundle – Get all five of the Bocce’s Bakery supplements for just $76.50! It’s a steal.
  • Calming Supplements
  • Hip & Joint Supplements
  • Multivitamin Supplements
  • Probiotics Supplements
  • Skin & Coat Supplements

Honestly, there are other things available on their sale page, but we are here for the supplements. The fact that they are not only selling each individual supplement on sale, but also offering a bundle of them on sale means that you can choose what would work for your dog and save money doing it. And we absolutely love that. We love saving money, while still being able to not only spoil our dogs, but also make sure they have what they need.

We are big fans of Bocce’s Bakery! And we are very excited to see them offering their supplements on sale right now so that we can all stock up as we head into spring.

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