Dogs can now get their own peanut butter thanks to Dawg Butter

Dog Peanut Butter Your Pup Will Love!
Dog Peanut Butter Your Pup Will Love! /

Does your dog loves peanut butter? Are you looking for one that’s good for them to? Then you may want to give Dawg Butter a try.

Available from the brand Paw Power, Dawg Butter comes in four varieties. Well to the flavors look to be more like a classic peanut butter for dogs, two of them offer some additional health benefits as our pups get older.

So what are the four flavors of Dawg Butter? First let’s talk about the more classic peanut butter flavors for our dogs. There is the Paw Power Nutrition Dawg Butter original flavor and they have a pum’kin puppers flavor as well.

Over on the more health-conscious side of peanut butters, there is the Berry Flexible for hips and joints and the Blue Biotic which has probiotics and pre-biotics. Perhaps unsurprisingly the blue biotic contains blueberry and peanut butter. Whereas the berry flavor features peanuts, honey, and cranberry.

Dogs can now enjoy their own version of peanut butter with the help of Paw Power Dawg Butter

Obviously when we are looking for a peanut butter for our dogs, we want to make sure that it does not contain xylitol. And it absolutely makes sense that a brand dedicated to bringing our dogs their own peanut butter would make sure that the Dawg Butter was actually xylitol free. But that’s not all that this peanut butter has going for it, as it is also gluten-free.

With different peanut butter choices for our dogs to enjoy, including health conscious options, we can now give our dogs one of their favorite treats. And at the same time this is also great for anyone looking to add some joint health benefits to their dogs diet. This could even mean no more pills. Of course, we often recommend talking to your vet before adding things to your dog’s diet. We definitely recommend talking to them about the health conscious peanut butter flavors if you want to add those in to your dog’s rotation in place of other supplements.

We want to know what you think. Is this something that you will have your dog try?

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