Golden, Co shelter saved a dog who was stabbed…and they still need your help

Foothills Animal Shelter, out in Golden, Colorado, has  recently taken in a super unfortunate case. One of their most recent take-ins was a dog named Esme who was reportedly stabbed by their owner. Now, their owner is now being charged with aggravated cruelty (and as far as we’re concerned, should be put away for life).

Thanks to excellent emergency and overnight care, Esme is now recovering very well!!

Foothills Animal Shelter is asking for your help to support a dog, Esme, who was stabbed by their owner. Here’s what YOU can do to help!

Denver7, a local news station, has started a fundraiser in order to cover the costs of this pup’s lifesaving care (initially Foothills paid for it, but Denver7 is looking to give back to them!).

Foothills employee, Chelsea Rogers, says that dogs are her favorite animals to take care of at the shelter (they take on way more than just cats and dogs…turtles, bearded dragons, guinea pigs…you name it, they care for them). She admired their constant levels of loyalty and trust, no matter what their owners do to them to break their initial trust levels.

Rogers recalls when Esme was initially brought into the shelter. She (Esme) had stab wounds on her chest, and with it being that close to the heart, it was hard to watch and they wanted to make sure that she didn’t need any sort of specialized heart-related surgeries.

For Esme’s initial treatments and exams alone the cost was upwards of $3,000.

Good news! Given that Esme has now been cleared by all of her vets and shelter employees, she is now looking for a furever home!

Here’s what the marketing and communications manager over at Foothills Animal Shelter, Joan Theilen, had to say about the adoption process of Esme and how to go about doing so:

“If you are interested in adopting Esme, all adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis. You can come to the shelter here in Golden and meet with her. Just keep an eye on our website at and see when she pops up, available for adoption.”

Theilen has also stated that Foothills is the ONLY full-service shelter in their area of Jefferson County, CO. They help over 7,500 pets per year.

If you’re interested in supporting the fund that Foothills has created in order to help cover the costs of Emse’s life-saving surgery, then head on over to their website and simply click on the ‘Support Esme’s Recovery’ tab (the rest is pretty self-explanatory from there on out).

This is their way of brushing off 2022, when Esme initially came to them in December of 2022, and starting off 2023 in the best and most right way possible!

What do you make of Esme’s sad but ultimately happy and sweet story? What more can be done in order to stop animal cruelty and make it more heavily punishable? Let’s nicely talk about all of that and so much more down in the comments below! And as always…Woof, Woof!