This dog can smile on command and the internet is going crazy

Let’s be honest: dogs are definitely taking over social media, and if you’re like me, then you’re soaking up every moment of it. Dogs taking over social media is quite possibly the greatest thing that this world has offered in a long time. Lately, there’s one dog in particular that has been exploding hearts all over the world.

Her name is Ellie, and she can smile on command!

Golden Retriever, Ellie, or as some may know her on Instagram, @elliegoldenlife, is super comfortable in front of the camera. She’s a super happy girl. So happy that she has mastered how to smile on command for pictures. She’s got a little sister named Emma, but Emma hasn’t quite mastered said skill just yet.

So many people have been posting comments on their pictures saying how good of posers those two pups are, but most people are praising Ellie’s superb smile and willingness to be in so many photos. All of those reasons are just a few to be in love with Golden Retrievers, as if so many people weren’t in love with them already.

This smiling dog has us wanting to know more about Golden Retrievers

If Golden Retriever’s are on your list of potential dog breeds to adopt, take a look at these reasons why they’d make such good pups and human companions alike:

  • They are loyal to their family members
  • Golden Retrievers are good with kids and other animals (pets)
  • They’re easy to train – always super eager to please
  • They are very active, so can withstand long play sessions
  • Goldens love to ‘attach’ to their humans (and kids)
  • They have a loving and affectionate personality
  • They are super laid back
  • No extensive grooming or maintenance is required, besides their shedding of course

Ellie, like many other dogs, can do certain things on command that are just as freaking cute as ever. If you want to see more about what Ellie and her little sis Emma can do in front of the camera, then check out their Instagram right here and starting interacting with them!

That’s a wrap on Ellie and her smiling on command self! Look at more of Ellie’s adventures!

Do you like what you’ve seen with Ellie and Emma thus far? What other Instagram dogs are cute like Ellie and her little sis? Let’s chat all about that and more down below! Woof, Woof!