Did you know there was a Stranger Things x BARK collection?

Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix /

Did you know that BARK and the BarkShop had released a collection of Stranger Things toys for our pups to play with? And did you know that these dog toys were actually available at Target?

When it comes to shopping on the Target website, we always head to the pet section of their site. And of course, if we are browsing pets and especially the dog toy section, we have to check out what they have available from BARK.

During a recent browse of the Target website to see what toys from BARK we could snag to spoil our staff pup with this holiday season (don’t worry there were plenty of toys to choose from with a seasonal flair), we came across the BARK x Stranger Things collection. And as fans of Stranger Things we needed to see what toys were still available (we can tell this collection is a bit older) for us to pick up!

BARK x Stranger Things dog toys are still available on Target

On the BARK x Stranger Things page on Target there are currently four toys available for dog lovers to purchase. So what are they?

  • The Palace Barkade Plush Dog Toy (This is a super cute version of a video game console from an arcade)
  • The DemorGoFetch Ball Dog Toy (It’s more than just a regular ball.)
  • Beggo Waffles Plush Dog Toy (I mean can you even call it a Stranger Things dog toy collection if you don’t have a take on Eggo Waffles!?)
  • The Demogrrrgon Plush Dog Toy (Seriously though! A Demogorgon should not be this cute!)

Honestly, we love all four of these toys and we think our staff pup will too. The fact that the toys range between $7.99 and $11.99 is also a great reason to snag them, since you won’t necessarily break the bank while showing off your Stranger Things appreciation.

But we want to know what you think of this collection. Did you know this was available at Target? Have you seen these dog toys yet?

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