Final Fantasy XIV: A Corgi is on the way

Talk of Corgis seemed to skyrocket even more due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who persisted to be a mainstay of the world stage, ruling longer than any other monarch of Britain. She and other members of the royal family favored that breed. A Corgi named Newton was also featured in the Netflix series Bridgerton, a period piece set in London. Now there is yet another reason for these animals to be in the fore of public consciousness. The vehicle for this additional bump in newsworthiness is Final Fantasy XIV.

According to “The History of Final Fantasy,” the game debuted in 1987 and was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi as a last-ditch effort to make a successful game and also save the video game company Square, which is now billed as Square Enix, where he was employed. At the time, the company was on the precipice of bankruptcy. Starting out focused on role-playing, it has become one of the longest-lasting game series and is known for ample crafting of characters.

Although Final Fantasy XIV rolled out in 2010 per the history site, changes continue to be implemented. As reported by the game publication Twinfinite, Square Enix, in their yearly livestream of this game in October, unveiled that version 6.3 will introduce a canine minion. The company shared a design of the cute Corgi, who smiles and sports a yellow kerchief around its neck.

What we can expect from the new canine character in patch 6.3 of Final Fantasy XIV?

As told by the American Kennel Club, this breed, formally known as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has a congenial disposition, herding ability, and smarts. Although low to the ground, the Corgi is fast and strong and gives staunch support to its humans. These traits could come in handy for the Corgi’s comrades in the upcoming rendition of the video game. As told by FandomSpot, minions are mainly like pets, and they may be obtained sometimes after completing certain tasks. However, they give the player a boost of confidence. Having a loyal friend by your side can only be a plus.

Guesswork is afoot as to how the Corgi will make an appearance. PCGamesN says that some devotees believe that it will be found via the deep dungeon which may come out in the same patch, while still others surmise it will be found in the newly added mode called Island Sanctuary. The latter prediction certainly makes sense since there are a whole host of minions there already including a squirrel, lemur, and dodos, according to a guide posted on TheGamer. No matter which way we can greet the Corgi, can’t wait to say a cheery hello to this dynamo.