Zesty Paws is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with these deals

Zesty Paws Mobility Bites. Image courtesy Zesty Paws
Zesty Paws Mobility Bites. Image courtesy Zesty Paws /

If you happen to be shopping on Amazon for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you want to snag some savings on Zesty Paws products, you’re in luck!

While we are definitely taking advantage of Black Friday deals on some amazing dog treats, when it comes to Zesty Paws, it is as much about the treat aspect as it is the health benefits of the products. And with a wide range of products in their line up, you may be wondering what all is on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Thanks to a press email we received on behalf of the brand, we know which products are on sale and what exactly the deals are. And just in case you were wondering, yes the sale is on some of their top-selling goodies.

Zesty Paws is bringing the savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When you shop on Amazon you can save up to 40 percent off of the following three must haves from the Zest Paws lineup:

  • Mobility Bites – We are big fans of these bites as they are great for pups struggling with arthritis. It also helps that even picky pups like the flavor of these.
  • Aller-Immune Bites – This is truly a fan favorite for many pet parents and if you haven’t tried this one yet, this is the perfect time to do so (when you can save some money).
  • Calming Bites – This is another winner in our arsenal and it is one that we have turned to in a variety of situations including stressful trips to the veterinarian or when the Fourth of July rolls around and the fireworks bring on the shivers.

We love a good deal and saving some money on items we already use. And in this case, we love the fact that we are getting a great deal on Zesty Paws products that we know and love.

Are you a fan of Zesty Paws? Will you be taking advantage of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? What will you be stocking up on with the deals this Black Friday weekend?

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