The Wet n Wild x Peanuts collection has arrived in stores and on Amazon for holiday gift giving

Gifts Under $20: NEW! Peanuts Holiday Collection from wet n wild. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild
Gifts Under $20: NEW! Peanuts Holiday Collection from wet n wild. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild /

Gift giving season has arrived and with the holidays fast approaching, you might be looking for inspiration. And for the Peanuts lovers, we have a good one.

If someone you know loves all things Peanuts and makeup, then this is for them. And of course, if you love Snoopy and his friends as well as makeup, this is also for you!

Over the years, we have fallen in love with wet n wild and all that they have to offer for makeup lovers. Not only do they deliver affordable makeup that can also be a lot of fun, but they do it with quality products. And when you can combine affordability, quality, and fun, you know you have a winning combination.

For the 2022 holiday season, we are all about that Peanuts life (when are we not though) and that’s why we were extremely excited to learn about the new holiday collaboration from Wet n Wild! That’s because this year it is all about the Peanuts x wet n wild Collection!

The new Peanuts x wet n wild Collection is perfect for holiday gift giving and makeup lovers looking for a refresh

Gifts Under $20: NEW! Peanuts Holiday Collection from wet n wild. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild /

This collaboration is everything you could want and need in a makeup collection. And we say that because this collection features an amazing palette, lipsticks, makeup sticks (these are good for lips, eyes, and even cheeks), lip oil, a facial mist, makeup brushes, makeup sponges, beauty bags, face palettes, setting powders, lip scrubs, and so much more. Seriously there is something for everyone and we wouldn’t even be mad at getting the entire collection!

Every single item is under $20, with the palette being just $16.99 (we want the palette too!), while a lipstick will cost you just $5.99. Then there is the Good Grief-Proof Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner which is just $8.99, comes in adorable packaging and has the perfect name for those of us who struggle with our eyeliner. Need new makeup brushes? The set of four is $15.98. Seriously, every single item in this collection is affordable and a must have!

And that’s not all! Because we know how annoying it can be to struggle to find some of the more fun collaborations, we needed to know where we can get our hands on these goodies. And luckily for us there are a few places to snag these pieces. Not only can we get them straight off the wet n wild website, but this collection will also be sold at Walmart, Walgreens, on Amazon, and at ULTA stores.

We have already spotted some of the items on Amazon, with others being available over on the ULTA site right now. In fact, ULTA is actually offering the Peanuts x wet n wild PR Box as an online exclusive that basically features all of the must have items in this collection. And yes, the Palette is available at ULTA too.

So if you are looking for gift giving ideas and you have a Peanuts loving makeup lover in your life, then this collection is for you (or for them).

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