Lesure is celebrating Pet Wellness Month with a new collection of pet must haves

NEW Colorful Pet Wellness Products. Image courtesy Leasure
NEW Colorful Pet Wellness Products. Image courtesy Leasure /

When it comes to taking care of our pets, it is not just about food, toys, and treats. It’s also about rest. And this is where Lesure comes into the picture for us.

Since we were first introduced to Lesure, we have fallen in love with the brand and what they have to offer for our furry friends. From cozy pet beds to the perfect cat trees to keep our sassy feline entertained, they have exactly what we want for next level leisure for our fur children.

Luckily for us, Lesure is not resting on their laurels when it comes to keep our dogs and cats in comfort. And their latest release is perfect for National Pet Wellness Month, which falls in October. Specifically, they have decided to lean into the idea of calming and creating a safe space for our pets to relax.

Celebrate Pet Wellness Month with the help of these Lesure pet beds

So what are these new calming pet beds (and a tent)?

Up first we have the Calming Flower Bed. This bed is super cute and offers a great design for any room. But that’s not all as they explain that,

"This bolster bed provides comfort and support for all sleeping positions, allowing your fur baby to rest peacefully. It’s made with teddy sherpa fabric that provides a feeling of warmth and safety, and has a stunning aesthetic that will look great in your home. It’s machine washable and super easy to clean, with a non-skid bottom to prevent any slips."

For the second new addition to the Lesure product line we have the Calming Cat Tent. If you have a stressed feline or even an older kitty who needs a little “me time,” then this is the product for them. And according the brand,

"This product is the ultimate Zen cat tent, allowing your cat a place to rest comfortably, free of anxiety. The structure is extremely simple and provides a semi-confined space, giving your pet enough privacy to feel secure but the ability to still leave freely."

Finally they offered pet parents a Calming U-Shaped Sofa Bed! And once again this bed is everything our pup could want and so much more. In fact, we might be a little jealous of our furry friend’s new digs because this bed is the ultimate bit of luxury and comfort in a stylish design.

As Lesure describes this particular bed,

"Many dogs experience pain in the joints and hips, so the therapeutic gel memory foam in this bed provides comfort and relives traditional aches and pains. The U shape provides a pillow for neck support on each side and has cozy sherpa fabric to make them feel safe as they sleep. The plus fabric is laminated with a waterproof TPU layer which makes it impermeable – a perfect addition to your home."

We have definitely become converts of the magic of Lesure and their amazing pet beds, cat towers, cat tents, and more. We love that they are not just thinking about a bed for our dog to sleep on, but these are beds that help make life a little more enjoyable for them. And not only that, but they keep style in mind too.

As our pets get older, we want to make sure that we are giving them the best of the best. Thanks to these Calming Beds, we can absolutely make sure that our furry friends are getting the very best out of their naps and them time.

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