Franzia Wines and Bark team up to help you and your dog celebrate Halloween

When you think of your dog, you probably don’t immediately think of wine. Dogs aren’t exactly supposed to have alcohol. But Franzia Wines and Bark are teaming up on a new collab that is a perfect treat for Halloween for both you and your dog.

Franzia Wines and Bark have Halloween costumes for you and your pup! Doesn’t everyone want to see their dog dressed up like a box of wine?? Ok, I didn’t know I wanted this but Franzia and Bark sent me a box of toys, the doggie wine box costume, and wine (for humans only) and I can now say this is the best thing to ever happen.

Did my dog like being dressed up like a box of wine? Not really but imagine a miniature dachshund dressed up like a box of Franzia wine. It’s the cutest thing to ever exist.

The costume simply straps around their torso and around their neck. It’s easier to put on than most harnesses nowadays. You can get it at the Barkshop website or the Franzia website for only $20. It comes in small, medium, and large.

Bark x Franzia Wines collab gets your dog ready for Halloween

They also sent me an extremely cute Franzia boxed wine toy. The toy looks like a box of Franzia Cabernet Slobbernon wine and has a red t-shirt rope hanging out one end to look like wine being poured. When you open it up, there is a plush that looks like a pouch of wine. It is fluffy and includes a squeaker. My dog loved this! The toy is $15 on the Barkshop website.

Celebrate Halloween with your dog, Franzia Wines and BARK. Image courtesy Franzia

But what about us doggie parents? Franzia has something for us too. There is also a human Franzia boxed wine costume. It comes in either red or white wine and is currently $40 on the Franzia website. So not only can you dress your dog up like a box of wine, you can dress to match them as well.

Just throw in a few treats for your dog and some candy (and maybe some wine) for you and it will be the perfect Halloween.

Will you be checking out this new Franzia Wines and Bark collab? Let us know in the comments below!