Native Pet lets our pups enjoy their own PSL season

Your Pup Can Join the PSL Craze with Native Pet's Healthy Pumpkin Powder. © 3 Peas Photography
Your Pup Can Join the PSL Craze with Native Pet's Healthy Pumpkin Powder. © 3 Peas Photography /

Is there anything better than enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with your pup? How about sharing the PSL season with them? With the help of Native Pet we absolutely can enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte season right alongside our dogs, and it is good for them.

We already know that actual Pumpkin Spice (which has no pumpkin in it) is actually bad for our pups because of the mix of spices that make this flavor profile come to life. But pumpkin itself is actually really good for our furry friends.

And thanks to Native Pet, our pups can enjoy all of the health benefits of pumpkin without the bad stuff that a real PSL would deliver. So what is this pumpkin product that Native Pet is offering our pups?

Native Pet Pumpkin Powder lets your dog enjoy PSL season too

While we often think of pumpkin puree or even fresh pumpkin, this particular product is actually a powder that is “shelf stable.” But what makes pumpkin and in particular this pumpkin powder good for our dogs?

As the product page states, this powder just needs to be mixed with water before giving it your pup or adding it to their meal. And when it comes to the actual health benefits this product,

"Addresses acute diarrheaRelieves constipationHelps prevent scootingShelf-stable for up to 2 years"

While being shelf stable for up to two years may not seem like a health benefit, it actually is in terms of having a product on hand that helps your pup’s ability to go to the bathroom and properly digest their food. And not only that, but this is great for traveling with, helping with any sensitivity to foods, and even addressing sudden changes to the way your pup is pooping.

The fact that our pup can get in on the magic of PSL season while also enjoying a product that is good for them is a win in our book. And we happen to love Native Pet and their many supplements for our pets.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of Native Pet? Does your pup get pumpkin in their diet? What do you think of a shelf-stable pumpkin powder? We want to hear what you think in the comments or over on our social media.

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