Beggin’ is hosting a crowdsourcing campaign to determine their next flavor

Beggin' Hosts New Crowdsourcing Campaign. Image courtesy of Purina
Beggin' Hosts New Crowdsourcing Campaign. Image courtesy of Purina /

Purina’s iconic Beggin’ dog treats want you to help them with their next flavor for your pup. And that means running a Crowdsourcing Campaign with the help of Walmart.

According to a press email that we received on behalf of Purina’s Beggin’,

"Purina’s Beggin’ dog treats has teamed up with Walmart to host a crowdsourcing campaign that encourages consumers to vote between two new dog treat Flavors: Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger and Bold Brown Sugar and Bacon. Sold exclusively at Walmart, the flavor with the most unique votes will become the newest Beggin’ product added to Walmart stores nationwide and on"

That’s right! With the help of Walmart, Beggin’ wants you to vote on your pups next flavor of treats. And yes, these treats will be available right from Walmart and their website as an exclusive flavor option for shoppers who love hitting up the aisles of Walmart for this pup’s supplies.

Beggin’ is crowdsourcing through the end of September to determine their next flavor of treats

Beggin’ Hosts New Crowdsourcing Campaign. Image courtesy of Purina. /

With two very distinct flavors to choose from, it truly feels like Beggin’ is being innovative with their dog treats (much like they have always been). And since you know your pup and what they love, you will definitely have thoughts on which flavor you want to see in stores.

This crowdsourcing campaign not only has a website dedicated to actually voting on the favorite flavor, but the brand also pulled in some influencers to help represent the two flavors. From TikTok to Instagram, and of course the Walmart voting site, Beggin’ is making sure that fans are being heard. (Plus, you have until September 30 to make your voice heard too, giving you plenty of time to pick your pup’s favorite flavor.)

We are definitely team Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger for our staff pup, but we know a pup or two who would love the Bold Brown Sugar and Bacon. If you have a pup with strong opinions on these two flavors of Beggin’ dog treats, make sure you head to the “Choose Your Beggin’ Flavor at Walmart” voting site and cast that vote for the flavor that will be an exclusive Walmart flavor.

And of course, let us know which flavor you and your pup are rooting for. Are you team Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger? Or are you team Bold Brown Sugar and Bacon? Or are you like us and team all the Beggin’ dog treats? We want to know!

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