Sugarwish wants to help us spoil our pups for National Dog Day

Is there anything better than spoiling your pup with a fun treat? We think not! And with the help of Sugarwish, we can go all out for National Dog Day.

According to a fun press email we received on behalf of Sugarwish, from August 26 (National Dog Day) until August 30, doggy parents can save 50 percent off of their Mini Size gift for pups. Typically, the Mini Size gift will cost us $23 and comes with your choice of two treats. But with this National Dog Day deal, you get 50 percent off that cost!

With both wacky and classic doggy treats to choose from there are so many ways to spoil your pup. So how do you save that 50 percent off? You will need to use the code HappyDog on the Sugarwish site!

Sugarwish is offering a deal on dog treats for National Dog Day


Sugarwish Wants To Treat Your Dog On National Dog Day. Image courtesy of Sugarwish

If you are unfamiliar with the dog treats section of Sugarwish, have no fear! We have you covered!

We fell in love with the wide variety of treats they offer us to make up the perfect mail order treat box. From treats for the cheese loving pup to the ones still in training, there are treats for every dog out there. And not only that, but they even offer some accessories too (think bandanas, collars, and more).

Some of the treats they offer include:

  • Orange Drizzle Paws
  • Green Drizzle Bones
  • Cheese and Bacon with Quinoa Hearts
  • Roasted Duck with Orange and Carrots Hearts
  • Soft Salmon and Coconut Ducks
  • Peanut Butter Chewies
  • Birthday Drizzle Bones

You get to choose what goes into your pup’s box and they get to enjoy it once it arrives at your door. It is a win-win!

Our staff pup got her own Sugarwish delivery (although she got the Small box with four treats) and she loved the three treats and the bandana we picked for her. And while she is typically a picky eater with a more sensitive stomach, everything she tried worked for her. So we know that in the future we can spoil her without worrying that she either won’t like it or won’t be able to eat a treat.

So if you want to spoil your pup or the pup of someone you love, we definitely recommend checking out Sugarwish and their assortment of treats.

Have you tried Sugarwish yet? Will you take advantage of their National Dog Day deal? How are you spoiling your pup for Dog Day?