Shoutable and Wag! Partner for National Dog Day to support the Humane Society

The Ultimate National Dog Day Gift!
The Ultimate National Dog Day Gift! /

Are you looking for a way to honor your pup on National Dog Day? Do you want to give back to a good cause at the same time? Shoutable and Wag! have the answer with a very special offer.

Just in time for National Dog Day and the rescue of 4,000 Beagles by the Humane Society and their Animal Rescue Team, Shoutable and Wag! have teamed up to offer pet parents a chance to share their pup with the world…or at least with everyone in your city.

According to a press release we received ahead of National Dog Day, we learned that

"For the first time ever, Shoutable & Wag! have come together to invite dog owners around the U.S. to pay tribute to their beloved canine by providing space on a digital billboard for just $45.00.  The easy-to-use e-commerce platform has dozens of Dog Day templates in English and Spanish that can be personalized with a photo of the dog as well as custom text. Consumers can choose a specific billboard location and timeslot to view their furry friend on a 48-foot-wide billboard."

Wag! and Shoutable team up to help the Humane Society and 4,000 Beagles for National Dog Day

The Ultimate National Dog Day Gift! /

Together, both organizations are helping to raise awareness for not only the efforts of the Humane Society in their rescue operations, but also their adoption services. In particular, Shoutable is offering up critical billboard space for the Humane Society’s mission and efforts.

Of course, there is also the fact that dog lovers will be able to do something special for their furry friends on National Dog Day. We love the idea of shining a spotlight on our dogs and letting others see how special our pups are to us.

Whether you are gifting a loved one with a billboard dedicated to their pup or you are the doggy parent doing something unique this National Dog Day, this is an affordable and fun way to spread some love and do some good. Because of course, by taking part in this effort with the help of Wag! and Shoutable, you are definitely doing your part to help get the Humane Society’s work out to the masses.

To learn more about this billboard offer and sign up, check out the Shoutable website to plan your layout, see a mock-up, and of course pick your billboard! (And you can even choose when your billboard is visible too so that you can plan to see what the rest of your town sees.)

We love this opportunity so much! Not only do we love how both companies are supporting the Humane Society, but also how they are giving pet parents a chance to shine a spotlight on their beloved dog (or dogs).

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Is this something you would do for your pup this National Dog Day?

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