Jinx is celebrating “Dogust” by giving back

Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart
Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart /

For some companies, August is actually all about dogs. And that means it is less of an August and more of a Dogust. For Jinx, that means giving back.

In fact, it seems that throughout the month of August, the company, which is known for their “premium dog food made for modern dogs,” they will be giving back with every purchase made.

According to an Instagram post shared by Jinx, they made it clear that while they think of dogs all year long, in the month of August they have decided to celebrate Dogust. This means that,

"We’re donating 5% of all purchases to nonprofit rescues to make sure even more dogs get the nutrition they need.Help us reach our goal of donating 500 meals and track along with our progress all month."

Jinx is giving back to rescues and rescue dogs to celebrate Dogust

It really is as easy as heading to the Jinx website and placing an order for your pup. And if you have yet to shop the Jinx website, have no fear as we are here!

Among the products that the brand has to offer, we have Kibble, Toppers, Treats, Dental Chews, and more. They even offer gift cards for those of us looking to share the love with friends and family.

Some of our favorite products from the brand include their Topper Superpack Bundle, the Jerky Variety Pack, the Salmon & Pumpkin Jerky, the Jinx x Pressed Peanut Butter & Banana Biscuits, and the Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Carrot Kibble.

Plus, there are plenty of other options to choose from depending on if you want to stock up on food and treats or just snag a few extras in order to give back and spoil your pup.

We are all about giving back when we can. And if that means getting some of our staff pup’s favorites at the same time, then we are here for it!

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