ShopDisney now has Haunted Mansion gear for our pets too

Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+
Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+ /

Is the Haunted Mansion your favorite Disney ride? Are you a fan of the movies (there are two versions currently available for watching)? Do you want your pet to have their very own toys and gear to represent the magic of Disney?

Well you are in luck! Because over on the ShopDisney Home section, there are currently two pet items that are specifically Haunted Mansion themed!

While the pet section of ShopDisney is not the biggest ever (it has definitely been bigger in the past), right now there are some really cute pieces for our pets to enjoy. But of course, we are already gearing up for the spooky season. And that means we are all about that Haunted Mansion life.

So what are the two goodies that our pets can enjoy with a Haunted Mansion twist?

The Haunted Mansion is taking over the ShopDisney store

The two pet products are:

Honestly, the singing busts and Madame Leota are two of the more iconic bits of imagery to come out of both the ride and the movies (although the Muppets version wasn’t exactly a Madame Leota but rather a Madame Pigota). And having them represented on pet gear is rather iconic.

Of course, at $19.99 for the chew toy and $22.99 for the pet bowl, you may end up keeping them away from your pets for safe keeping. (Remember when we were kids and it was all you can look, but don’t touch?)

We love both of these Haunted Mansion themed pet items and hopefully the ShopDisney store releases some more goodies as we actually get closer to the official spooky season. (It is still the beginning of August at the time of writing.)

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