Zesty Paws gets in on the Amazon Prime Day deals action

Zesty Paws Mobility Bites. Image courtesy Zesty Paws
Zesty Paws Mobility Bites. Image courtesy Zesty Paws /

Are you a fan of Zesty Paws? Do you want to stock your pet’s pantry with some tasty treats that are also good for them? Then these are the Prime Day deals you are looking for!

In the past, we have definitely put a spotlight on any number of the Zesty Paws supplement bites, including their recent news about offering a veterinarian strength option for two of their classic bites. For us, it’s the fact that our staff pup actually enjoys these bites and seems to get something out of it that makes these a great addition to any pup’s treat rotation.

And in honor of Amazon Prime Day (or Days) 2022, Zesty Paws is offering us a really exciting deal on a number of their classic offerings.

So what is the deal? And which products can we save on?

Zesty Paws is offering their own Amazon Prime Day deals

According to the press email we received on behalf of the brand,

"The leading pet supplement brand is excited to offer 30% off its best-selling products for Prime Day from July 12 – July 13.This once-a-year deal includes 30% off discounts on both dog and cat supplements."

So what are the Zesty Paws products that are being offered at a 30 percent off discount?

  • The Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • The Calming Bites
  • The Aller-Immune Bites (Which we are big fans of, especially this summer with all the pollen everywhere.)
  • The Probiotic Bites
  • The new Vet Strength Mobility Bites (We like the classic mobility bites and can’t wait to snag the new vet strength option to see how they do with our pups.)

We love a good deal, especially when it means we can save some money on items we are already looking to stock up on. And this is definitely one of those Prime Day deals that we can’t resist.

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What do you think fellow dog lovers? Are you going to stock up on Zesty Paws bites for your pup? What do you think of this Prime Day deal?